30th June 2020

Press release: Two-thirds of UK workers want to continue working from home permanently and two-thirds are anxious about returning to offices | Research by Mind Gym

As Boris moves forward with plans to get the country moving again, we wanted to share first-of-its kind research highlighting that two-thirds (61.6%) of UK workers want to continue working from home in some capacity on a permanent basis, rising to three-quarters in London (74.9%) – while two-thirds (63.2%) are also anxious about returning to their physical workplace over the coming months.


The research, undertaken by leading behavioural science consultancy Mind Gym, was done in consultation with over 2,000 UK remote workers. Additional findings include one-third (32.8%) of UK workers being concerned about contracting COVID-19 upon return to work, whilst one in ten (10.8%) are worried about the impact of returning to work on their family’s health. Notably, despite typically being the lowest risk demographic, Gen Z are most worried about returning to the workplace (74.8%).


Please find the full press release attached and below. Would a briefing on this research with Octavius Black, CEO of Mind Gym and behavioural science expert, be of interest? Specifically, he can provide insights on:


  • What remote working as the ‘new normal’ will mean for UK businesses and productivity
  • How business leaders should adapt their approach to tackle remote working and anxieties about the work place
  • The ‘opt out or burn out’ phenomenon, and how lockdown has caused a wellbeing crisis amongst the workforce


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