27th October 2021

Over multiple national lockdowns, the UK has become a nation of pup lovers – 11% of UK households purchased a new pet in the past year, ⅓ of which are owned by millennials. As offices reopen, many workers are concerned about how their pooch will adapt to a new routine of their favourite human leaving them for eight hours a day.


As we know, not all offices are dog-friendly - and not all dogs are office-friendly! Helping businesses find suitable workspaces for its employees, whatever their needs, is the world’s first hybrid workplace platform, Hubble


Tushar Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Hubble says, “As an increasing number of organisations adopt a hybrid work model, it's more important than ever that company workspaces meet employees' varying needs when they do go into the office. Fortunately, 38% of the buildings on the Hubble platform allow individuals to bring their pets to work, making it much easier for new and existing dog owners to work in a way that suits them, their pets, and their company."


Recent data from BorrowMyDoggy - the company connecting dog owners with trusted dog lovers - has shown that owner signups have increased by more than 50% since March. 


To address this growing need for dog-friendly work solutions, BorrowMyDoggy is partnering with businesses, so that employees can travel into the office knowing their dog is getting the care it needs back home. The partnership also enables those employees who don’t own a dog, to become a borrower and walk someone else's during the day - 94% of people believe being part of a pet-friendly organisation improves morale, after all!  


I’d love to know if you’re interested in speaking to leading spokespeople from Hubble and BorrowMyDoggy about how they are supporting businesses, in light of the puppy boom and changing work patterns?

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