25th November 2020

Market backlog means home sellers could fly to the moon 17 times in the time it’s taking for property sales to complete
Research by home buying platform,Yes Homebuyers, shows that in the time it’s taking for home buyers and sellers to complete on a sale in current market conditions, they could complete a world cruise, fly to the moon and back 17 times, or conquer Mount Everest.In regular market conditions, it takes an average of 11 weeks between the point an offer is accepted on a property and the transaction actually completing. However, the current stamp duty holiday has caused a huge influx of buyers keen to secure a saving and as a result, the property market is struggling to keep up.The latest research from Rightmove suggests that with sizable backlogs forming at the final legal stages of a sale, home sellers should expect to seedelays of at least a monthfrom the point they accept an offer until they actually complete. That means the average home seller won’t have officially sold their home until 15 weeks after accepting an offer. That’s 105 days!Of course, this gives them plenty of time to plan for Christmas but what about the other 69 days? Yes Homebuyers has looked at some other options to keep them busy.They could go ona cruise around the worldand still have a few days to kill either side, although Covid has put a spanner in the works where travel plans are concerned.Climbing Mount Everest only takes approximately two monthsbut they would need to do it twice to fill the time while their sale completes.For those with a little more ambition, there are no quarantine restrictions on the moon (not that we know of anyway).A return trip takes around six daysso you’d have plenty of time to find out during your 17 trips there and back.If you’d rather something a little more achievable, you couldplay 630 rounds of golfon an 18 hole course,run 546 marathons, or play 1,680 full games of football.Matthew Cooper, Founder & Managing Director ofYes Homebuyers, commented:“Many home buyers and sellers may have had ambitions of moving before Christmas having accepted an offer in recent weeks. Unfortunately, the current reality is that many will probably struggle to complete before the stamp duty holiday deadline expires.  While a lengthy sale process is nothing new, the current delays really highlight the unpredictability of the property selling process in the UK. While many may well accept a delayed timeline as part and parcel of selling, it’s the uncertainty of the delay itself that is the real issue. Not knowing when you’re going to complete prevents you from planning your move and leaves you in life limbo, often living out of boxes or at a friend or family members. This is never ideal, but it’s particularly tough during the Christmas period.  

The vast majority of sellers that use our homebuying platform to sell, value the concrete timeline that we are able to provide far more than the speed of the sale. It’s one aspect we really need to work on in the UK as the ability to complete a property transaction to a set deadline should be something that is achievable across all selling routes. If we can do it, why can’t the rest of the industry?”

Time from accepting an offer to completion
Current time to complete after accepting an offer



Things you can do in time saved
Time to complete
Number of times based on 15 week completion time
Cruise around the world
Fly to moon
Climb Mount Everest
18 hole round of golf
Run a marathon
Play a 90 min football match




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