25th September 2019

Landmark UK Research Study Shows Imposter Syndrome Is Key Drive In Gender Pay Gap And Lack Of Gender Equality In Leadership Roles

Would you be interested in covering a new study into Imposter Syndrome, published today?


The study is the first large-scale study of its kind in the UK and has revealed a number of key findings, including the severe effect that Imposter Syndrome is having on the gender pay gap and gender equality in leadership roles:


  • 52% of female respondents and 49% of male respondents are struggling with Imposter Syndrome 'daily' or 'regularly' – but the way women handle it is different to men and this disproportionately disadvantages women when it comes to promotions
  • Imposter Syndrome is one of three key driving factors driving the UK’s gender pay gap – and it’s the one that is being ignored
  • Key factors included – in the past year:
    • Women not speaking up with their great ideas, meaning they can be overlooked for opportunities to shine (61%)
    • Women putting their success down to ‘luck’ and not ‘owning’ their role in it, often pointing out their own faults (51%)
    • Not applying for promotions (45%) or pay rises (37%) they knew they deserved
  • The study also showed that women are more likely to apply for a senior role externally, than with their current employer, for fear of public judgement, should they be unsuccessful, so businesses are losing some of their best female talent
  • Women reported feeling forced to choose between their career and their family, as leadership roles required longer hours and more international travel, so many were taking roles for which they were over-qualified, or leaving to go freelance, to try to achieve work-life balance


In essence, the research study shows that companies won’t close the gender pay gap until they first address Imposter Syndrome.


As the lead researcher for the study and the author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome, I’m happy to provide exclusive insight on all aspects of Imposter Syndrome, including what it is, the impact it has, how it affects the gender pay gap, and how combat Imposter Syndrome. 


I’ve included a press release below with more information and the research white paper is here:




Would you be interested in running something on this news? I’m available for interviews and happy to provide expert comment.

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