21st March 2019

Parents prove just how much they do: The 4 Week Challenge

Settling the debate - new study compares stay at home mum’s vs working dads, who does the most and sleeps the least

  • Study tracks new mums and dads sleep activity and steps and cardio and reveals just how much they BOTH do
  • Who’s doing more throughout the day? The study shows that mums and dads do nearly the same amount
  • The study reveals that dads wake up on average 26 times in a night, for an average of 20 minutes throughout the night
  • Dads are walking on average around 9,497 steps a day, only 885 less than mums

According to the Office for National Statistics, 1.86 million mothers are stay-at-home mums. Many feel like they’re forever justifying what they do, from bringing up the children to cooking, cleaning, tidying, doing the school run, food shopping and more. Whereas many working dads argue they do just as much, if not more, because they have the physically straining duty of being on their feet all day at work.

Because of this, we at SpaSeekers conducted a friendly study to find out who does the most and who really gets the least sleep.

The study used Fitbit trackers on 10 new parents for 4 weeks, observing their daily steps and cardio activity, as well as their sleep patterns.

PR of the day 21.03Who’s doing more throughout the day? The study shows that mums and dads do nearly the same amount

The  experiment tracked the steps and cardio activity of both new mums and dads to finally prove who actually does the most. 

Stay-at-home mums were found to walk approximately 10,382 steps a day and working dads taking 9,497 steps, only 885 less on average.

Dads can do just as much walking on the job as stay at home mums who rush around after the children!

The study tracked just Monday-Friday activity and although mums generally walked more steps, there were days where dads overtook and mums were less active - showing the balance as almost the same. 

Hannah, a new parent said; “I found my data surprising as I thought that my step count and activity would be greater", whilst her partner Adam comments; "I always knew my step count was high, due to the nature of my job, but I was shocked at the result and now I know how I stay slim.". 

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