20th September 2021

Top 10 most Googled stocks revealed


Tesla is the most Googled stock in 2021 

  • Tesla is the company with the most Googled stock, receiving nearly 487,000 searches per month. 
  • Second most searched company is Apple, while Amazon is third. 


Tesla is the company that people are most likely to invest in, new research has revealed. 

The study by leading software company Bacancy Technology analysed the 30 stocks whose price has increased the most over the past 52 weeks, in addition to the 20 to discover which company has been searched the most along with the phrase “stock” over the past 12 months.  

The results revealed that electric car pioneer Tesla topped the list as the most Googled stock. The company, led by controversial CEO Elon Musk, receives 487,000 Google searches per month on average – more than four times as much as the next most searched company. 

 Following Tesla in second place is Apple, which received an average of 112,000 Google stock-related searches per month over the past year. Since the company was founded in 1976, it has grown to an astronomical market valuation of close to $2 trillion - one of the biggest in the world. Despite its financial dominance Apple is some way behind Tesla when it comes to stock searches. 

 In third place is Amazon with 79,000 searches for its stock per month. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon now stands alongside Apple one of the Big Five companies that dominate America’s technology industry. 

Just behind Amazon in fourth place is Pfizer, the American pharmaceutical company which has been heralded for its work in developing one of the most effective Covid vaccines. The company’s stock is Googled on average 29,000 times per month. 

In fifth place is another company which also contributed greatly to the global efforts to develop a COVID vaccine – Moderna stock is the subject of around 28,000 Google searches per month. 

Microsoft places sixth place with 27,000 google searches, while in seventh is AstraZeneca, joining the Pfizer and Moderna as a vaccine developer which has become a household name across the UK. Approximately 26,000 searches are made each month for the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company’s stock.   

In eighth place is Rolls Royce Holdings with 23,000 searches – the same number that Facebook receives in joint-eighth position.  

The tenth most searched company stock is Netflix, which receives an average of 12,000 searches on Google per month.  

A spokesperson for Bacancy Technology commented on the study, saying: “The last year has seen public interest in investing soar to higher levels than ever before. Investment apps make it simple for someone without any financial experience or knowledge to get involved with the stock market. And although we have seen companies such as GameStop hit the headlines due to amateur investors taking on Wall Street, this data shows that the general public is much more interested in stocks in the world’s biggest companies.” 

The research was conducted by app development company Bacancy Technology, an exclusive hub of top software developers, UI/UX designers, QA experts and more, offering development services for the creation of high-end, enviable applications. 



Average monthly searches including “stocks” 

Tesla Inc 


Apple Inc 


Amazon.com Inc 


Pfizer Inc 


Moderna Inc 


Microsoft Inc 


AstraZeneca PLC 


Rolls Royce holdings PLC 


Facebook Inc 


Netflix Inc 



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