19th March 2019

Prospect warned that Brexit chaos would lead to staff working weekends and over Easter

Garry Graham, Prospect deputy general secretary, responding to confirmation from the Lords chief whip that "it is possible we may have to do Saturdays", said: 

“Prospect warned weeks ago that Brexit chaos could mean cancelling the Easter break and forcing staff in parliament to work through holidays and weekends, just as many civil servants are being asked to do.

“Keeping staff in the dark about this is simply unacceptable, especially when they have child care and other caring responsibilities, and it will only cause them further stress and uncertainty at a time when the treatment of staff in parliament has already been in the spotlight.

“This chaos is symptomatic of the incredible mess that the government has got itself into over Brexit, and further evidence that we need a new approach based on compromise and consensus rather than ideological dogma.”

The Lords Chief Whip made the comment in response to a questions from Baroness Angela Smith and Lord Toby Harris in the Lords today.

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