16th July 2020

Moody's - BT's plans to accelerate its fibre rollout will increase network competition across the UK

BT's accelerated fibre rollout plan will upgrade the UK's telecom network, which significantly lags most of its European peers, but the potential overbuilding in certain places will increase network competition, a credit negative for most UK telecoms operators, says Moody’s in a newly published report. Virgin Media in particular will experience increased competition.


“BT's accelerated target for fibre rollout will upgrade the UK's telecom network but result in overbuilding in certain areas when we also factor in alternative network providers' fibre rollout plans. Overbuild will increase fibre wholesale and retail price competition and be broadly credit negative for all UK operators,” says Sebastien Cieniewski a vice president at Moody’s.

TB PR of the day 16.07.2020



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