13th September 2022

Good morning,

Boston Consulting Group has today released a report forecasting that $16.1 trillion of illiquid assets will be tokenised by 2030.

Tokenisation could drive massive changes in the way investors are matched with investment opportunities, as well as more secondary market opportunities once an ‘illiquid’ investment is made.

Tokenisation and blockchain is popping up repeatedly on the mainstream news agenda, and no doubt you will be considering what the topic means for your round.

Quant’s chief executive Gilbert Verdian is one of the few blockchain specialists with a strong financial services pedigree, having previously worked for EY, HSBC, and HM Treasury. He can paint a realistic and grown-up picture of how tokenisation can fit in with the existing financial ecosystem, help efficiency and unlock capital.

Let me know if you would like comment for any articles you are working on. More than happy to set up a call if easier.


Alexandra Newlove

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