13th June 2022


Gordon Balmer, Executive Director of the Petrol Retailers Association, said:

“The briefings provided by Government spokespeople to the media indicate that Ministers do not understand how fuel prices are set.   We have contacted the Secretary of State for BEIS on multiple occasions offering to meet and explain fuel pricing. However, we are yet to receive a response.

“By law the 5ppl fuel duty cut has to be passed on – and it has been.  Petrol retailers have been unfairly scapegoated for rises in the wholesale price of fuel over which they have no control.

“We welcome the Competition and Markets Authority investigation, as it will confirm not only that the 5ppl fuel duty cut has been passed on but that competition between forecourts remains vigorous and that our members are operating on razor thin margins.

“If the Government wants to ease the burden of pump prices on motorists, they should cut fuel duty by a much more substantial margin, just as many other governments of European countries have done.”


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