08th May 2019

Electricians revealed as the highest-earning self-employed pros in the UK

Europe’s leading online local services marketplace has conducted internal research and discovered that electricians are the highest-earning self-employed pros in the UK. The research also highlighted that professionals could earn 103% more on average if they went self-employed. The research involved a survey of more than 20,000 self-employed professionals in the UK, across 11 trade sectors, including: plumbing, counselling and personal training.

Recent research into the jobs market has shown that electricians are the highest-earning self-employed professionals in the UK.

The research, which was conducted by Bark.com, looked into how much self-employed pros can earn before tax across 11 sectors. It also analysed the average salaries for employed professionals within each sector* to determine the potential increase in earnings by going self-employed.

The results show that service professionals in the UK could be earning more than double (103%) their current salary if they went self-employed. As part of the research, 20,000 self-employed professionals across the UK were surveyed on their earnings.

Self-employed electricians top the list with an average annual salary of £51,200, followed closely by counsellors at £45,111 and landscape gardeners at £40,140.

Below is a list of the highest-earning self-employed pros in the UK based on average salary before tax (2017- 2018):

  1. Electricians £51,200
  2. Counsellors £45,111
  3. Landscape gardeners £40,140
  4. Make-up artists £38,918
  5. Graphic designers £38,760
  6. Photographers £36,823
  7. Plumbers £36,359
  8. Tutors £34,147
  9. Painter and decorators £33,075
  10. Personal trainers £33,029
  11. Cleaners £29,584

The site surveyed 2,000 Bark.com professionals from each sector, asking about their average earnings. The sectors interrogated were: plumbers, electricians, personal trainers, make-up artists, landscape gardeners, counsellors, cleaners, painter and decorators, photographers, tutors and graphic designer.

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