06th May 2021

Following the news that almost all of the UK's biggest 50 employers do not plan to bring staff back to the office full-time, thought you might be interested in the below commentary and data from Totaljobs and Boston Consulting Group (BCG)?


The Global Ways of Working report reveals:

·       Women in the UK want more flexibility in where they work, with 67% wanting to split their time between home and the office, compared to 54% of men.

·       16% of men want to go back into the office full time, compared to only 9% of women

·       87% of British people would prefer a job that allows them to work from home at least occasionally


Jon Wilson, CEO of Totaljobs said: “Our research highlights the importance of having policies in place that support flexible working, particularly given the distinction between men and women’s working preferences. As we look ahead to when restrictions are eased, it is vital that employers consider the needs and preferences of different demographics within their workforce. Choices companies make now will play a crucial role in retaining talent for the long term and flexibility should be a key factor in these decisions.”


Do let me know if you’d like to speak to one of our spokespeople at Totaljobs or if you would like to see a breakdown of any of the additional data in the report.

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