06th January 2020

High Pay Stats unoriginal, uninteresting and unhelpful — Adam Smith Institute

Good morning,


With the news that the CIPD and the High Pay Centre have released their cod stat report on executive pay saying the exact same thing that it always does the Adam Smith Institute's Head of Research, Matthew Lesh, has issued the following statement calling out the politics of envy and economic illiteracy. 


“Once again the so-called High Pay Centre are revealing their hatred of high pay. These nonsense statistics are unoriginal, uninteresting and an unhelpful contribution to public debate.  


“This is just more of the now discredited Corbyn-style politics of envy. We should be talking about how to help the worst off in society — how to cut red tape, increase the threshold for payment of national insurance, and cutting the Factory Tax that is holding back workers’ wages and unbalancing the economy.


“In a global market for CEOs, British firms must be able to compete for top talent. These people provide immense value to our society. Decisions made by Britain’s makers and doers now have global impacts and their value to firms reflects this. Limits on executive pay would drive top British talent and companies offshore, ultimately leading to fewer jobs and lower pay for workers."

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