05th October 2021

No Time To Die needs to sell over 133m tickets to break even

  • Opening weekend takings of £21,000,000 in the UK make it a British record
  • Out of the 133m target, over 3m tickets have already been sold
  • No Time To Die on track to break even on production budget by December 27
  • Latest Bond movie on course to break UK Box Office records by November 15
  • All the latest James Bond numbers, including Box Office figures for each film revealed in Bond Breakdown

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No Time To Die will need to sell over 133m tickets in order to break even on its production budget, new research has suggested.

Daniel Craig’s fifth and final outing as James Bond has already got off to a stunning start in the UK Box Office, breaking the record for the biggest taking on an opening weekend with £21,000,000 in earnings.

That puts it ahead of Skyfall (£20m) and Spectre (£20.2m) in third and second respectively, but it faces an uphill struggle just to pull even with the production budget, according to figures from OLBG’s Bond Breakdown study.

Despite an overall production budget of around £250m, sources have suggested that No Time To Die needs to make at least £900m in order to break even, due to interest rates and a deal with MGM that states that money made will be split between the cinematic exhibitor and the movie distributors.

And with the average cinema ticket costing roughly £6.75 in the UK, it would take a massive 133m tickets to be sold for the film just to break even, which would automatically make it the second highest grossing film in the Bond franchise history after Skyfall, which took £1,110,526,981 after being released in 2012.

That makes Skyfall the highest profiting film in Bond history with a total of £910,526,981 once adjusted for inflation, and to get there the current iteration would have to sell a scarcely believable 268,226,219 tickets to make it the most successful film of all.

However, given its opening weekend successes (and estimating sales of around £21m a week), No Time To Die is currently on track to break even on its production budget by December 27, and will be relying on a bumper Christmas period to surpass these predictions.

The record at UK Box Office is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which took £123.2m (Skyfall and Spectre were second and third respectively), so following its stunning opening weekend of success, No Time To Die could take that spot in just under six weeks time, meaning by November 15th it could be the most successful film in British film history.

To see the full breakdown behind all 24 released Bond movies, please visit Bond Breakdown here: https://www.olbg.com/insights/bond-breakdown/ 

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