4th June 2020



HALF of Britain’s workers will take in their own anti-bac products to clean their office space when they go back after lockdown, a study shows.


They also plan to wear gloves and a mask because they don’t always trust bosses to keep the workplace safe and clean.


And more than 50% say they would rather continue to work at home because of fears they could catch coronavirus by going back too early, according to research by UK Commercial Group.


But worryingly, some people are still being careless about social distancing, with one in four men saying they will shake hands with colleagues when they go back to work.


With many firms ready to reopen offices in the next easing of lockdown, a huge majority of workers – a massive 91% in a poll of 2,000 employees -- say they are scared to go back.


Research by cleaning and decontamination experts UK Commercial Group, highlights that three in four people believe their workplace will not be as hygienic as their own home and at 60% feel worried or anxious about going back to an unclean environment. 


Managing Director Tony Earnshaw said: “If Britain is to get up and running again, it’s vital that people believe it’s as safe as it possibly can be to return to work.


“Firms have a duty to look after employees by keeping their premises clean and uncontaminated when we go towards the new normal."


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