01st  December 2022


New analysis (1) from ETP provider GraniteShares, which offers a range of 3x short and 3x leveraged ETPs on popular UK, US, and European stocks, reveals that on November 28th 2022, online fashion giant Boohoo Group was the most shorted UK listed company.

Some 8.5% of its stock was held short by nine investment firms with Marble Bar Asset Management LLP holding the biggest position at 2.47%.

Many of the top 10 most shorted companies were retailers with ASOS and Majestic Wine the second and third most shorted with 8.4% and 6.4% of their stock held short while Kingfisher was the fifth most shorted with 5.6% of its stock held short. Green hydrogen firm ITM Power was the fourth most shorted with 5.8% of its stock held short. The table shows the largest ten short positions in companies that are listed and trading on the London Stock Exchange.

Company Percentage of stock held short Number of funds shorting the stock

Boohoo Group PLC 8.5% 9

ASOS PLC 8.4% 7

Majestic Wine PLC 6.4% 4

ITM Power PLC 5.8% 6

Kingfisher PLC 5.6% 4

Standard Life Aberdeen PLC

ORD 5.5% 7

Ashmore Group PLC 5.4% 5

Travis Perkins PLC 4.8% 5

Victoria PLC 4.7% 3

Fevertree Drinks PLC 4.5% 1

Source: London Stock Exchange, updated on November 28th 2022

The analysis reveals GLG Partners LLP had by far the most short positions on UK listed companies of any investment firms with 39.

This was followed by Marshall Wace LLP, BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited and JP Morgan Asset Management (UK) with 32, 26 and 12 short positions, respectively.


Fund Manager Number of short positions

GLG Partners LLP 39

Marshall Wace LLP 28

Citadel Advisors LLC 21

BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited 19

BennBridge Limited 13

JP Morgan Asset Management (UK) Ltd 11

Ennismore Fund Management Limited 11

Qube Research & Technologies Limited 9

Citadel Advisors Europe Limited 9

AQR Capital Management LLC 9

Source: London Stock Exchange, updated on November 28th 2022

Will Rhind, Founder and CEO of GraniteShares, said: “Retailers are bearing the brunt of the cost of living squeeze on consumer spending in the UK with companies in the sector coming under pressure and Boohoo and Asos emerging as the most shorted companies.

“However research on the top 10 shows that investors are looking at a wide range of sectors when choosing to short companies with green hydrogen firm ITM Power and Standard Life Aberdeen also increasingly seen as targets.

“In these volatile markets, sophisticated investors are increasingly looking to short stocks and using products such as ETPs to do so.”

GraniteShares offers a total of 129 exchange traded products (ETPs) listed on national exchanges in UK, France, Italy, and Germany. They consist of a suite of index ETPs tracking FAANG stocks and a suite of Short and Leveraged Single Stock Daily ETPs tracking some of the most popular companies in UK US and European markets. They also include the world’s first leveraged single stock ETP on NIO, the electric vehicle maker and distributor.

Its FAANG, GAFAM and FATANG product suite, offers long, short and 3X leveraged ETFs on FAANG, GAFAM and FATANG indices and can be traded in a single ticker symbol via ordinary brokerage ac-counts. FAANG consists of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google while GAFAM includes Google, Apple, Facebook Amazon, and Microsoft and FATANG covers Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, Ap-ple, Netflix, and Google

ETPs offer a pure way to gain exposure to top tech companies in the U.S. market. Indices are equally weighted and rebalanced quarterly.

GraniteShares suite of ETPs on FAANG stocks


Product Name Ticker

GraniteShares FAANG ETP FANG

GraniteShares GAFAM ETP GFAM



Leveraged ETPs on FAANG indices


Underlying Index +3x Long -3x Short -1x Short





UK Leveraged Single Stock ETPs

Underlying stock +3x Long -3x Short

AstraZeneca 3LAZ 3SAZ

BAE Systems 3LBA 3SBA

Barclays 3LBC 3SBC


Diageo 3LDO 3SDO

Glencore 3LGL 3SGL

Lloyds Banking Group 3LLL 3SLL

Rio Tinto 3LRI 3SRI

Royal Dutch Shell 3LRD 3SRD

Rolls-Royce 3LRR 3SRR

Vodafone 3LVO 3SVO


US Leveraged Single Stock ETPs

Underlying stock +3x Long -3x Short

Alphabet 3LAL 3SAL

Amazon 3LZN 3SZN

Apple 3LAP 3SAP

Facebook 3LFB 3SFB

Microsoft 3LMS 3SMS

Netflix 3LNF 3SNF



Tesla 3LTS 3STS

Uber 3LUB 3SUB



Capital at risk

GraniteShares ETP’s are only suitable for professional investors.


Notes to editors: (1) GraniteShares analysis of Short Interest Tracker - Companies (shorttracker.co.uk)

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