30th November 2022

Kim Kardashian makes demand for ‘press on nails’ soar by 264%! Here’s how to apply them like a pro for a quick & easy manicure💅


If we know anything about Kim Kardashian - it’s her love for short and neutral nails opposed to her sister, Khloe, who always steps out with long, sharp and statement nails. 

So, with Kim’s recent Barbiecore outing where she switched to extra-long stiletto nails, of which she has revealed on Instagram to be ‘press on nails’, the star has set fire to a simple and easy manicure hack - perfect for party season. 

Revolution Beauty reports that since her posts over the weekend, Google search demand for ‘press on nails’ have skyrocketed by a massive 264% alongside searches for ‘stiletto nails’ increasing by 372%. 

The trend-setters' 90s French tips have reminded us all of the ease and simplicity press on nails serve and amid rising costs, they could be the beauty hack that cuts down our trips to the nail salon over the festive season. 

To help you nail the look, Revolution Beauty reveals how to apply press on-nails like a pro - because there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to achieving a salon-like finish. 

How to Apply Press-On Nails Like a Pro

  1. Clip and clean your nails:

“For the longest-lasting press on mani, clip your natural nails short. Remove all polish and clean your nails well with soap and water to ensure a clean base for the false nail. If you have it to hand, also clean them with rubbing alcohol using a cotton ball and then dry your nails completely.''

2.                  Size matters:

‘’Not every nail in your press-on kit is the same size. Check the number on the back of the press-ons; the smaller the number the bigger the nail size. Then match up all of your nail sizes to the appropriate number before you apply any of them. Doing this prep work, will prevent you trying to find your size with wet glue on your hands, or realising half way through that you have mixed up the nails. For an even better size match, file the sides of the press on nail to fit into your nail beds.''

3.                  Apply one at a time & at an angle: 

‘’One finger at a time, cover your nail with glue, then bring the press on right up to your cuticle line and apply at a downward angle. Follow by applying pressure to the centre of the nail and pinching at both sides to solidify the adhesive glue. 

Pro tip: Apply your glue according to how long you want your press-on nails to last. If you’re looking to switch up your nail look just for the weekend, only use a couple of drops of glue. If you want your press-ons to last for a week or more, cover your entire nail in glue.’’

4.                  File after application:

‘’While it may be tempting to file the press-on as soon as it hits your natural nail, wait until after you’ve applied the entire set to shape so you can make sure they are all even. Everyone’s nail beds are different so filing and contouring is key for making them look fitting to your natural nails. Always file the nails from the sidewalls to taper them for a more natural look.’’

5.                  Paint your nails (optional)! 

‘’If you opted for clear press-ons (as opposed to pre-painted ones), you can paint them to your liking once the glue is dry. Don’t forget a topcoat so that your polish lasts as long as your press-ons.’’

6.                  Remove with ease: 

’Removing press-on nails is fairly easy to do. If you have applied press-on nails with self-adhesive, it can simply be removed with warm water and a little oil. If you’ve applied with glue, place an acetone-based remover in a small ceramic dish and soak your nails for 10 minutes. This will let you gently ease the nails off.’’

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Revolution have plenty more press on nails for an at-home manicure, all of which can be found here. 

I hope this is of interest! Do let me know if you’d like any further details! 

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