30th June 2020


17.2 million Brits claim that lockdown will change their eating habits forever

  • 30% of Brits admit that they have wasted less food since lockdown
  • One in five (19%) adults have tried new ingredients and recipes during lockdown in an attempt to reduce food waste
  • Coconut Milk is coming out trumps as the ingredient most experimented with during lockdown


Almost a third (32%) of Brits, equating to 17.2* million people, admit that lockdown will change their eating habits for good, with 30% admitting that they have wasted less food since lockdown began, according to new research from HelloFresh.

After looking at cooking habits during lockdown, nearly half of Brits (48%) have said they’d tried up to four new ingredients/recipes in that time, with 36% saying they would be more likely to continue being adventurous with new ingredients post-lockdown.

The research found that of those who have used new ingredients during lockdown coconut milk (24%), chickpeas (23%), sweet chili (23%) have been the most popular, with Brits having experimented mostly cooking Italian (20%) cuisine, closely followed by British dishes (20%) and then Chinese (15%).

When asked the reason behind why they’ve chosen to cook using new ingredients or recipes during lockdown, a third (33%)** said it was because they wanted to try a new recipe, compared to nearly a quarter (24%) of those wanting to avoid wasting produce, and 16% who said it was to avoid going to the supermarket.

RS PR of the day 30.06.2020

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Of those surveyed, nearly four in ten (39%) said lockdown has made them more sustainably aware of how they shop.

With the nation showing an increased confidence and interest in being resourceful when it comes to mealtimes, Head Chef at HelloFresh UK, Andre Dupin, said:

“It’s great to see that there’s an increased commitment to reducing waste in the kitchen, a sustainable practice HelloFresh enables customers to do.

In a recent HelloFresh study, we found that customers buying HelloFresh dinners have 21% less food waste compared to a meal cooked from scratch with ingredients bought at traditional supermarkets.

We hope these findings will inspire home cooks across the country to incorporate these sustainable changes into their cooking routines post lockdown, and continue reducing their food waste with the help of HelloFresh’s conveniently pre-portioned recipes, which are easily delivered directly to customers for their dinner-time enjoyment.”

Despite restrictions lifting, many respondents say that lockdown measures will continue to change their shopping habits forever, with nearly four in ten Brits (39%) saying they are more likely3 to continue to use up leftovers to make new meals post lockdown, and 38% of people are likely3 to stop doing as many food shops during the week, a third (33%) also said they’re likely3 to try out new recipes every week using ingredients that are about to go off.

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