29th August 2019

"I wanted to ask if you might have any slots that ShoeSpa - an artisan shoe restoration service - might work for at all?


Care and repair shops are on the rise, and ShoeSpa ( is a service that should be in everyone’s Little Black Book. A gem of an independent store in King’s Cross, London who also offer a premium restoration-to-your-door delivery service nationwide.


The workshop has a team of highly skilled restoration artisans and experts who can customise (monograms, artwork), repair and revive even the most damaged items by hand, treating your luxury goods with care and giving them a new lease of life.


They take a sustainable approach to fashion and regularly repair and restore everything from Christian Louboutin shoes and Gucci sneakers, to Hermes handbags and Chanel purses (they also have a sister bag restoration service, BagSpa).


Here are a few examples of their work:"

PR of the day 29.08.19


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