29th June 2022

A serum to give a sh*t about: The Seated Queen + Ellagic Acid

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Sliding into your inbox with a formulation-focused product from The Seated Queen, the Cassiopeia Concentrate Serum, one product so efficient it can out-perform at least three, tackling dehydration, inflammation and congestion and boosting hydration, collagen and radiance.Yes, the gangs' all here when it comes to ingredients: Niacinamide ✔️, Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid ✔️, Aloe Vera Extract ✔️ Squalene ✔️ Cucumber ✔️ Rosehip Oil ✔️ Bakuchiol Seed Extract ✔️ 

BUT it's the fast-acting under the radar active you'll want to know about....



A supercharged antioxidant not commonly found in topical skincare (except hey there SkinCeuticals), Ellagic Acid works to neutralise free radicals to protect skin from damage caused by UV radiation. It's potency also gently brightens and improves skin pigmentation, which is why it's considered a pregnancy-safe alternative to hydroquinone. If you needed any more convincing, Ellagic Acid also interferes with the enzymes that breakdown collagen, maintaining elasticity and slowing skin-ageing. 


CASSIPEIA CONCENTRATE SERUM | £59.Small batch beauty + made in partnership with women's cooperatives in Ghana + Morocco.

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Vegan. Cruelty Free. Fully Recyclable.Affiliates for Cult Beauty and Liberty London.

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