29th April 2020

What I think about High Street Facials
Your high street salon's approach to breakouts is very likely making the problem worse!


The science backs me up - an interesting study reported that facials can actually cause acne breakouts in 80% of people! That's not what you bargained for when you booked in for that facial.


Do you know how often you can look at a salon's facial menu to read that an oil-based or lipid-rich treatment will benefit acne-prone skin? Something along the lines of - 'The right type of oil benefits even oily skin'.


Er, wrong!


Honestly, it makes me want to pull my hair out!


If you're prone to acne or rosacea breakouts, just avoid high street and spa facials. When it comes to problem skin, the majority of beauty therapists aren't trained in the correct techniques to deal with it. They end up using products and techniques that are totally unsuitable.


My tip for the day? Skip the high street and spa facial. For personalized, effective treatment and the right advice, see a Medical Aesthetician in your Dermatologist's clinic for a Medical Facial instead.


If the idea of a Medical Facial is new to you, you can read more about them here.


kind regards


Dr Stefanie

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