27th November 2019

New research shows body hair is putting Brits off snuggling up with their partners

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  • We need to bring sexy back - one in five women find back hair a turn-off
  • 64% spend two days a year removing body hair which equates to five months in a lifetime

The nights have drawn in and the weather is getting colder, but one in five (22%) of Brits use body hair as a reason to avoid a cuddle with their partner. In fact, 81% are choosing other options and despite the fact that hair is not favoured, not all fur is bad, with one in ten (9%) snuggling up to their cat or dog for warmth.

The survey*, conducted by DestinationSkin, also uncovered that nearly a quarter (23%) of females found back hair unattractive in a partner.  One in ten (11%) of men surveyed were also turned off by hairy toes.

However, the British public also seem to be hostage to hair removal – with 22% admitting that they spend on average £7560 in their adult lifetime removing unwanted hair, that’s the equivalent of a small car!

It’s not just money they are spending, it’s their time too. The research also revealed that 64% of respondents spend two days a year, equating to five months of their entire lifetime, removing unwanted body hair.

It’s not all bad though, groomed facial hair appears to be in, with 34% of women surveyed saying they found it attractive. 

However, it seems like the British public are crying out to bring sexy back and for many people, the quest for super-smooth skin prevails.

If you’re struggling to sleep with a partner that has a bit of extra hair, or you are reluctant to spend the equivalent of a small car to trim your lady lawn over the years, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a solution – and for some, considered the holy grail of hair removal.

Dr Toni Phillips, from DestinationSkin said: “There is no known solution that can provide absolute permanent hair removal, i.e. where all hairs are removed indefinitely, but laser hair removal comes pretty close and will permanently remove the hairs it successfully targets during treatment. In fact, laser hair removal can provide a permanent hair reduction of up to 90% after a course of approximately six to eight treatment sessions.”

DestinationSkin are currently offering up to 50% laser hair removal treatment for Black Friday.

Want to know what to expect from Laser Hair Removal?  Dr Toni Philips, from DestinationSkin, reveals all: 

Let There Be Light  

Laser hair removal works by directing a concentrated beam of light at the pigment in the hair follicles. The light converts to heat as it passes through the skin. This heat is absorbed by the hair’s dark pigment in the follicle, which damages the follicle enough to prevent future growth.

It’s Not Just No Hair

Aside from clearer, smoother skin and permanent hair reduction, laser hair removal also boasts benefits including helping to reduce ingrowing hairs and less irritation of the skin. This is because the treatment encourages hair to grow straight.

Pocket The Pounds

The effects of laser hair removal last – with up to 90% of unwanted hair removed permanently – making it excellent value for money, saving you not only pounds, but plenty of time too. That’s compared to other hair removal methods, such as electrolysis, IPL or the lifetime costs of shaving or waxing, where the cost and time of maintaining hair-free skin can quickly mount up. 

Access All Areas

Laser hair removal is safe and effective anywhere you have unwanted hair that’s dark enough to draw the laser – even in sensitive areas, such as the face and the bikini line. 

On Course For Hair Free

Laser hair removal has the best results on growing hair. On any particular day, not all the hair is growing. This means that for best results a course of treatment is advised and in general around 8 – 12 treatments are required.

Treatment Time

Everyone’s skin is different, so a practitioner should take great care to tailor your treatment to your needs. You should have a patch test to determine which laser can produce the safest, most effective results for your skin type. Longer wavelength lasers suit darker skin as they go deeper, bypassing surface melanin to avoid causing burns.



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