27th May 2020

RS PR of the day 27.05.2020
Hi Rosie,
Hope you’re enjoying your week so far! I am hoping to get out in the sun for a walk later.
Following my email last week on essential post-lockdown treatments from Paul Edmonds, many have been wondering what the appointment experience will in fact be like. And when?! When can we finally visit our hairdressers!
Here are some thoughts and plans from Paul Edmonds
“As a team we have everything in place but we are still not banking on a 4th July opening, customers will not lose their booking sequence but this will just move a week or two for instance if the R number goes up and our opening date has to be pushed back.
What is the appointment system and how are they managing demand?
“We are currently contacting our top 200 customers by frequency and spend, followed by those that had existing appointments in the diary between the start of lockdown and 4thJuly. There may be some crossover with these lists. Finally we are contacting the rest of the client database through newsletter, social and stylists. In order to support the demand both salons, in Knightsbridge and Battersea Power Station, will be open seven days a week for longer hours. Appointments are allocated on first come first serve basis. It won’t be possible to pick and choose a time, as we are limited on capacity, when we open again we will be operating with 50% chairs less than normal”.
What about social distancing?
“Every other chair will be removed to ensure 2 metre spacing between each client, markings on the floor will denote this. Hygiene practises within the salon are based on current guidelines however these may be relaxed if the government guidelines are relaxed for a July opening. Currently we plan for acrylic visors for all staff, masks for clients, disposable gowns for clients and no drinks or food to be served. Each salon will have a capacity of 30 people on site, including staffing and clients”. A new host system will be in place with no physical payments taken.
“There will be no reception desk, each stylist or technician manages appointment from start to end and all will be pre-paid”.
Let me know if you have any further questions or would like to speak to Paul.
Many Thanks,

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