26th March 2019



Drinks in cans have recently captured more and more sales growth and have showed no signs of fizzing out. The most recent product we’ve seen to the UK market is calorie free and naturally flavoured sparkling water packaged in cans with a cool design.


Figures from consumer insight company Kantar Worldpanel showed that last year British supermarket shoppers bought 33.5 million more litres of flavoured water than the previous year. This growth is thought to be a reflection of an increased awareness in health and sugar consumption by the general public. This has meant that a plethora of different brands have launched low calorie and zero sugar carbonated drinks in cans.


One of these brands, Dalston’s Soda, have recently launched a new range of ‘Soda Lights’. They’re naturally low in calories, contain no added sugar and are super refreshing, with higher real fruit than their contemporaries. The range currently includes 2 new flavours - Real Squeezed Elderflower and Real Squeezed Rhubarb – crafted with real squeezed British fruit, spring water and distilled botanicals. Nothing artificial and just 20 calories a can.


Dalston’s have joined the likes of other brands including DASH and Ugly Drinks amongst others.

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