25th November 2019

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The Importance of Life-Changing Travel 

November 17, 2019

 Every now and then, there's a travel experience that shifts our perspective in some way, whether it's the way we think about ourselves, our partners, or even the world at large. "Travel is one of the most beautiful and enriching ways to not only learn about the world around you, but yourself," says Whembley Sewell, executive editor for them. "I think it teaches you so much about the kind of person you are, and also helps you see past the limits of your own life." Keep reading for more on Whembley's relationship with travel, as well as essays about transformative travel from Caitlin Morton, Devra Ferst, and Julia Buckley, and a conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert—the woman who, quite literally, wrote the book on travel's capacity to change who you are.

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How Getting Sober Changed the Way I Travel

Drinking gave me the confidence to get outside of my comfort zone—but getting sober gave me the clarity to experience it.


Elizabeth Gilbert on Travel After "Eat, Pray, Love"

And how a year of trips are helping her manage grief after the loss of her partner, Rayya.


How European Bathhouses Gave Me the Freedom to Accept My Body

Each visit felt like a small, radical act.


Whembley Sewell on What's Missing in the Travel Industry

In a new interview series, we talk to the nine extraordinary women who make up our Women Who Travel advisory board.


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In Bali, a Search for Healing

In her new book, Heal Me, Julia Buckley writes about her quest around the world to find a cure for her chronic pain. Here, in an exclusive excerpt for Traveler, she travels to Bali, where she encounters a balian—or healer—with a knowledge of past lives.


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