25th June 2020


24th June 2020
This Summer Pomellato adds five pieces to the Sabbia collection that buzz with the energy of the most exciting jewellery trends.
 Fashionably chic and stamped with Milanese jeweller's unerring unconventional style, the new jewels are a perfect fusion of traditional skills and on-trend design. Conceived to be worn every day, Sabbia celebrates the irregular beauty of nature. With an easy grace, angles give way to soft corners and the rigid symmetry associated with diamond settings are shunned in favour of organic patterns as random as the shifting shapes of sand.

One of the strongest styles to take hold are between-the-finger rings, with mobile settings these are a double first for Pomellato. Injecting Sabbia with a playful dynamism, diamonds come to life as each disc quivers with the slightest movement thanks to a mobile joint. To achieve this, Pomellato has adapted the historical ‘en tremblant’ technique developed in the 18th century to bring a fresh appeal to the rings.

Alongside the rings are three multi-way necklaces that further illustrate the versatility of Pomellato’s craftsmanship. Lightweight yet with a striking presence, the necklaces showcase the coming together of a rigorous design approach. Ever on a quest to explore the potential of the chain, the sautoir is made up of four different-sized links, which are carefully composed to create a harmonious sequence. A smaller lariat and sautoir complete the trio, each shimmering with diamond-set discs and rectangles. 

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