24th March 2021

DR Pujaa Patel (BDS PgDip MFDS RSCed) graduated from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor's in Dental Surgery. She then went on to achieve her postgraduate qualifications with the Royal College of Surgeons. Following this, Pujaa joined the Oral and Maxillofacial Department at the Royal Surrey Hospital for 3 years where she developed her surgical skills through dealing with trauma and oral cancer patients. Pujaa is a qualified facial aesthetics practitioner achieving her certification from London School of Facial Aesthetics and delivers anti-wrinkle treatments to her patients. See her pic below. 


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UNNDOO is a new online platform that allows clients to book aesthetic injectors to perform treatments in the comfort of their own homes. With many people feeling more apprehensive about travelling around town, the UNNDOO service could not have come at a better time.

The easy-to-navigate website filters clients with qualified and experienced medical professionals by offering a choice of aesthetic treatments using Botulinum Toxin. Clients simply need to enter their postcode, appointment time, desired treatment and pick a medical professional of their choice. 

Set up by dentist and trained medical professional Dr Pujaa Patel and partner Vishal Ladwa, UNNDOO’s key objective is to provide the same level of treatment and hygiene you would receive in a clinic. Pujaa works as a dentist in one of South East London’s top dental practices, but has been interested in facial aesthetics since working as part of a hospital Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Team. She has developed a meticulous eye by treating patients with facial injuries as a result of trauma. She uses this intricate attention to detail to treat her current aesthetic patients to ensure that she achieves a natural result with all Botulinum Toxin injections.

Safety First 

The primary concern of UNNDOO is to deliver a premium service that meets all benchmarks from safety, security and hygiene points of view.

In the first instance, the medical history form is analysed by your chosen UNNDOO practitioner who ensures that any delicate or potentially serious points are discussed before the consultation. Any red flags are discussed from a psychological point of view and UNNDOO retains the right not to treat anyone they deem to be unsuitable for treatment. A face-to-face consultation takes place prior to treatment during which practitioners carry out a further mental health assessment, talk clients through the procedure discussing any possible side effects and the necessary aftercare. As medical professionals, it is their duty of care to carry out a full and effective psychological evaluation before administering any aesthetic treatment. They never treat patients who are 18 or younger, they listen to their clients’ expectations and always inform them if they are not realistic and understand the signs that point to body dysmorphia.

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