23rd August 2022

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This Summer, a nationwide survey by the Big Plastic Count revealed that UK households are throwing away around 1.85 billion pieces of plastic packaging every week – with an overwhelming four fifths (83%) of this being made up by food and drink packaging. 

We know that Brits want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, with the 21st century’s answer to the traditional milkround, Modern Milkman, finding that seven in ten (70%) people say that they want to do their bit to help the planet, yet 62% believe that greenwashing by companies confuses their efforts to be more sustainable.

At a time when accelerating the nation’s green intentions has never been more important, we are able to offer an exclusive interview with Simon Mellin, Founder and CEO at Modern Milkman.

 With roots in farming and agriculture, Simon is driven by a mission to support local farmers and reduce our environmental impact, whilst growing a sustainable business. Simon is available for written, pre-recorded and live interviews to discuss the following topics: 

  • How the food and drinks industry continues to greenwash consumers and how to spot it
  • De-bunk labelling and terminology myths that exist in the industry, including the most commonly used sustainability jargon and what it actually means
  • Why it’s important to address the amount of plastic packaging that’s still being created
  • The disjointed UK recycling infrastructure and why it’s important for organisations to embrace a circular packaging lifecycle
  • How Modern Milkman is trying to change an industry full of issues by keeping abreast of the latest innovations to help consumers reduce their waste and make being sustainable more convenient

I do hope this will be of interest. If you would like comment or to arrange an interview with Simon Mellin, please do get in touch direct or via the team email ( Please also see more detail regarding the Modern Milkman below for your reference.

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About The Modern Milkman:

Delivering a range of fresh, seasonal produce from a network of independent suppliers directly to consumers’ doorsteps in returnable glass bottles, recyclable containers, and home-compostable packaging, Modern Milkman offers a convenient way to adopt an eco-friendlier lifestyle and preserve our planet’s resources. The brand’s ‘Milkies’ even collect empties to be refilled and reused again and again, helping to save over 50 million plastic bottles to date – and counting!

Boasting a fleet of eco-warrior milkmen and women across the North East, North West, Yorkshire, the Midlands and Greater London as well as having exciting future growth plans, Modern Milkman, is on a mission to revolutionise consumer habits by delivering fresh ways to return and reuse packaging, shop ethically, and feel good about convenience.


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