22nd November 2022

Upgrade your garnish game with this money saving hack

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As the cost-of-living crisis continues, people are looking to swap going out for staying in to save those pennies. With everyone also trying to reduce energy bills, air fryers have become the hottest new appliance to have on your kitchen counter.  We have got the perfect money saving hack that will elevate your festive cocktails this winter. 

TikToker, @cambydesign, has created a video using an air fryer to dehydrate citrus fruits to create dried cocktail garnishes. The tutorial has blown up on TikTok and has now received over 3.4 million views. 

So why not upgrade your garnish game this Christmas and enjoy bar style cocktails with friends and families. It’s perfect timing as we’re heading towards hosting season, and to top if off citrus fruit are in their prime season. We’ll be trying our TAILS Whiskey Sour and our Bombay Sapphire Festive Cocktail with a slice of dried Orange. We will also be trying our Hot Buttered Rum with a slice of lemon this season. 



These died citrus fruits could also work well as part of your Christmas table scaping or as part of your festive wreathe or even as cake decoration.   

We have left our festive recipes below for you to try elevating our cocktails with this exciting air fryer hack.  

Do let me know if these are of interest for any stories you’re working on and if you’d like to receive any samples?  


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