22nd September 2021

Delighted to share backstage imagery from the Mark Fast SS22 London Fashion Week shows, with make-up by Director of Artistry, Pablo Rodriguez using Illamasqua


Paying homage to the underground scene in all its chaotic magnificence, Mark Fast's bold palette and neon style was matched by Pablo with lacquered lips and dark eyelids. Softened against natural skin, make-up is reminiscent of an after-party haze. 

Mark Fast Backstage Shots:

“The inspiration was the morning after going clubbing. Greasy and creased eye lids, natural matte skin and lacquered lips” - Pablo Rodriguez


1. Beyond Foundation RRP £33

2. Skin Base Pressed Powder RRP £30

3. Gleam Highlighter 'Aurora or Supernatural' RRP £20

4. Infinite Masquara RRP £20

5. Loaded Lip Polish 'Glaze' (used on the eyes and lips) RRP £16

6. Colouring Eye Pencils 'Constellation' RRP £16

7. Antimatter Lipstick 'Kontrol' (mixed with Loaded Lip Polish 'Glaze') RRP £17

8. Lip Tint 'Picnic Plum' RRP £20

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