22nd March 2022

FATSO. The New Dark Chocolate Bar Shakin’ Up Convention! *Samples Available*
Love dark chocolate, but bored of the serious rhetoric? Ever wonder why milk chocolate gets to have all the fun? 
These are the questions new dark chocolate brand FATSO asked when creating their super chunky, personality-packed and 100% ethically made bars of dark chocolate deliciousness.  
A bar like you’ve never tried before, FATSO is setting dark chocolate on a collision course towards cool and bringing you the highest quality ingredients packed with big flavour combos that will leave you beaming. 
FATSO launches this month with three big 150g bars with their own distinct personalities:
Morn’n Glory: Choca-doodle-doo. This breakfast-inspired combination delivers a dark chocolate bar with 60% Colombian dark chocolate, filled with crunchy cornflakes with a side of toast and orange marmalade.
Home Run: FATSO’s ode to the humble baseball game created by our US friends; bumper chunks of salted pretzel, whole almonds and honeycomb wrapped in 60% dark chocolate really knocks it outta the park! 
Nan's Stash We all know Grandmas are the OGs of sneaky snacking, so it only seemed right to raid Nan’s Stash in tribute to these old-school FATSOs. 70% cacao is packed with crunchy peanuts, chewy toffee and buttery digestive biscuits from Nan’s secret stash. 
FATSO might buck the rules, but never the quality: sourcing the best cocoa from family-run Luker’s Farm in Colombia, FATSO chocolate is True single origin with Fino de Aroma accreditation (just 8% of cocoa growers are awarded this globally!) and grown with the fair and sustainable future of the local community and our planet in mind. 
So get your hands on FATSO. A brand that embraces More in everything it does. More Chunk, More Flavour, More Ethics, More Love, More Care. Because More Matters.


Find Fatso nationwide or visit to buy online. RRP £5.95 per 150g bar. 

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