20th September 2021



In addition to a menu that includes local products and kilometer 0, this iconic sustainable hotel has been the first on the island to use cups and plates made with coffee grounds


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LJs Ratxó's cups and breakfast plates have been created by German designer Julian Lechner
September, 2021. In its challenge to become the greenest luxury hotel in the Mediterranean, the 5-star, 25-room eco-luxury retreat LJs Ratxó (Mallorca) continues to implement new sustainable measures to comply with its particular roadmap. Thus, in the gastronomic chapter, it has opted for a healthy diet and for products of proximity and kilometer 0, which provide a great color and an authentic flavor to its breakfast menu. In her they emphasize local specialties like the ensaimada; organic products like eggs, quinoa and yogurt; seasonal fruits from local suppliers and aromatic herbs and vegetables grown in the hotel's own garden, among many other delicacies.
But LJs Ratxó has wanted to go further, and has incorporated an ecological tableware, made with coffee grounds, which has made its breakfasts truly sustainable, inside and out.
These are cups and plates created by the German designer Julian Lechner for the firm Kaffeform, which stand out for their elegant design, lightness, durability and high quality. The material with which they are made comes from a selection of coffee shops located in Germany, whose grounds are collected and taken to small factories where they are mixed until generating an ecological material of great quality and durability.


Once ready, they transform it into cups and plates of different and elegant formats, which maintain an attractive brown color, reminding us of its origin, and after polishing it, they finish it with the pride of surviving in time and lasting in the collective memory.
A message that fits perfectly with the medium and long-term plan that LJs Ratxó is carrying out to make its facilities, and their management, a benchmark for ecology and sustainability within the national and international tourism sector.
About LJs Ratxó:
The ratxó that channels the water coming from the Sierra, flows into the depths of the valley generating life, and becoming the common thread of this unique sustainable luxury project, located in a spectacular 14th century estate, which occupies 2.6 million square meters of land. As if it were a mountain town, LJs Ratxó (Mallorca) emerges joining different buildings of local architecture, clad in the traditional Mallorcan stone, in which the 25 rooms of between 25 and 80 square meters of the hotel are located, all of them with terrace or garden, an essential attribute to be able to enjoy such beauty; and the most exclusive with their own private pool. Rustic furniture from Can Garaña, and absolutely Mediterranean designs such as the water cloth, the blown glass, the clay containers from Terracuita or the lamps made by the hotel's cabinetmakers with wood from the estate, provide an extra authenticity to a retreat that is presented as a benchmark of the most authentic Mallorca. With a 360º global sustainable management plan, it aspires to become the greenest luxury retreat in the Mediterranean very soon.
About the LJs Group:

LJs is a Mallorcan business group owned by Lorenzo Fluxá Domene and Lisa Jane Cross, which has its origins in the world of footwear. With a family concept that encompasses their 4 children, all the company's businesses have as a common thread the will to respect the environment, and to exploit nature in a sustainable way. In addition to the hospitality industry, whose first project is LJs Ratxó, the company has wanted to diversify its investments in other areas such as agriculture, through the planting of organic vineyards, and the creation of its own wine cellar; the sustainable exploitation of olive trees for the production of wood and oil for own consumption and in the hotels of the chain; and the acquisition of a craft beer factory; among other.


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