20th January 2022

Do you love travelling but hate travelling….? We know the journey from home to holiday can be one fraught with complications, stress, and last-minute has-everybody-got-their-passport-panic – especially with constantly fluctuating Covid restrictions. Luckily, London's recently launched holistic CBD brand, RAIN may have the solution for you…

The RAIN CLOUD is the 100 per cent natural CBD mist pen and is the cleanest of its kind currently available, harnessing the power of the botanical world to help alleviate anxiety and stress, while improving mood and sleep.

Calm and composure packaged and delivered via a sleek compact pen, the RAIN CLOUD is the newest addition to your holiday packing essentials because, unlike other comparable products on the market, all of RAIN's products are well regulated and free from harmful chemicals, making them perfectly legal and safe to use in public spaces within the EU – even on planes and trains*.

Look forward to hearing if this is of interest, or if you would like any add additional information.


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