19th May 2022

A Guide To Keeping Your Sh*t Together While Mercury Is In Retrograde

Mercury is in retrograde for the 2nd time this year lasting until early June. This can cause miscommunications, drama, confusion, and significant delays at home and in the office. According to one expert however, we don’t have to let ourselves fall victim to these energies.

Makhosi Nejeser, known as “The Royal Shaman”, is the world-leading African Shaman specializing in energetic alignment and human potential. She mentors high performing individuals to create powerful transformations amplifying their wealth and impact. Called a Spiritual Guide For Empire Builders, Makhosi is turning entrepreneurs into conscious leaders.

Teaching thousands in online communities to connect with their highest self, those working with her are seeing incredible growth in all areas of their lives. Makhosi tells it like it is and has been referred to as “The Get Sh*t Done Shaman” for her ability to motivate and enlighten.

During a discussion she talked about Mercury and not letting its energy control us: 

“You only need to be worried about Mercury in retrograde when you’re a victim of energies, when we work WITH energy, we can create even when others can’t.

In the early stages of your journey it can be empowering to understand the energies influencing you but you don’t have to continue to let them control you. Humans love to put themselves in a box and limit themselves by making an external force their master. ”

With years of experience  in mental & spiritual wellness, Makhosi can give valuable insight on:

  • What this astrological time means for energies and how to better work with it
  • Tips to avoid the mercury retrograde madness in your personal and professional life
  • Setting boundaries, choosing what serves you best, and communicating clearly
  • Getting into the right relationship with energy so you can stop blaming poor Mercury
  • Taking responsibility and reclaiming your power to disrupt your old patterns
  • Keys to keeping yourself above external energies so you’re not under their influence

Featured for her expertise in CNBC,  Business Insider, Refinery29, Entrepreneur, Success, POPSUGAR, Authority, and on CBS, ABC, NBC, Makhosi provides incredible content.

To learn more visit: or see her media kit here.

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