18th March 2020

Simplify your skin care

Skincare routines seem to be becoming more and more (unnecessarily) complicated. This is due to pushy marketing techniques trying to sell more and more products and misconceptions about skincare. So today I wanted to help you simplify your skincare routine. Because the simpler your routine, the easier it is to stick to it!


You don't need a separate moisturizer and sunscreen. These days, good sunscreen products already moisturize, so unless your skin is very dry, drop the extra step. If you're now imagining the sticky sunscreen you took on your last beach vacation, don't worry! Now you can get beautifully silky sun protection in an elegant base - you won't even realize it's a high SPF.


Forget about wearing a primer. A good sun protection moisturizer will save you money and time and still give your foundation an even surface to sit on. Primers can also aggravate skin prone to breakouts, because they are often rich in silicone derivatives. So save your money, and save primers for special occasions only, if at all.


Don't bother with a separate chest and neck cream. Treat your neck and chest the same way you treat your face. The skin on your chest and neck is exposed to the same environmental stresses as your face, so certainly don't forget this area (think hairline to nipple-line for real anti-ageing benefits).


Sounds complicated? It’s really not. But in order to make extra sure that it’s not, I’ve listed out exactly the products you do need (while skipping those you don’t need) here. (Scroll down to see the buttons to choose the ideal skin care regime for your skin)


If you simplify your skincare you'll save time, money and you'll be more likely to stick with a consistent and thorough regime.

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