17th November 2020

New Christmas Ad from Thermapen gives anxious cooks never before ASMR* cooking experience

*Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).

Hi Tony,

  • Thermapen, the UK’s #1 food thermometer, has created the first 4hr real time ASMR* Christmas cookery guide 
  • Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) describes the relaxing sensations many people – thought to number in the millions – experience in response to certain visual or auditory triggers 
  • Thermapen have teamed up with the help of psychologist and ASMR expert Dr Giulia Poerio to help all nervous chefs feel relaxed about cooking up the perfect #JuicyBird this year
  • In a bid to reduce food waste this Christmas, the ASMR turkey video helps anxious chefs prepare the Christmas meal, because this Christmas, dry turkey’s will result in a quarter (24%) of Brits throwing their bird away
  • To view the full 4hr hour real time video visit: To download the 30 second and 60 second edits here:

With the help of ASMR, Thermapen is calling on Brits to cut the stress with its new ultra-sensory cookery video. It seems we’re a nation of anxious chefs, so this Christmas Thermapen has teamed up with ASMR expert Giulia Poerio to create a video that shows an entire Christmas meal being prepared, with stimulating visual and auditory ASMR triggers to help all nervous chefs feel relaxed about cooking up the perfect #JuicyBird this year.Think of a crispy, juicy turkey being sensuously sliced with a sharp blade; or the slow, smooth scraping of metal on a parsnip … Well, we have created a video that involves just that. It’s the M&S ad of cookery videos.


Our breathy narrator slowly talks the viewer through how to get the perfect #JuicyBirdon their table this festive season in a gentle whisper, capturing every bubble, carve and baste in alluring ASMR detail. 


Thermapen’s research also found: 


  • 58% of Brits find Christmas stressful
  • ASMR is the 2nd most searched term on YouTube worldwide
  • Nearly half of us (46%) don’t know how to cook a succulent turkey
  • Over a third (35%) of Brits find cooking Christmas dinner ‘extremely stressful’, with under-cooking being a huge concern for at-home cooks on the big day
  • This Christmas, dry turkeys will result in a quarter (24%) of Brits throwing their bird away, and 38% of us eating something completely different on Christmas day 


We have a 30 second, 60 second and 3hr video of the AMSR #JuicyBird cooking; tips, advice, quotes and interview time with Dr Giulia; and high-res imagery. Please do let us know if this video or the tips are of interest.


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