16th July 2019

London's top Instagrammable drinks

 According to a recent study**, 69% of millennials take a photo of their food before eating and bars and brands alike are creating drinking experiences with Instagram in mind. Whether it is the containers cocktails are served in, or the ice cubes keeping them cool, some drinks are in need of Instagramming. Please see below a selection of seriously snappable drinks in case you are working on relevant roundups. 


Cannonball Collins at Murder Inc. 

Newly launched cocktail bar Murder Inc. on Hanway Street is the latest offering from the creative mixologists behind The Cocktail Trading Co. who have built a reputation for comedic creativity and innovation in their drinks presentations. The Cannonball Collins comprises Flor de Cana dark rum, Hennessy VS Cognac, Triple Sec, and clarified pineapple soda served on colourful, frozen marble stones. The tropical, refreshing concoction has buttery depth, and by being served on frozen marbles, helps to disperse the bubbles and create a refreshing, fizzy drink with a sweet aroma. Plus they're frozen marbles and look hella slick.

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Never Ending Tour at Beaufort Bar, The Savoy
Famous for its dark opulent interiors, dramatic serves and live performances, The Savoy's Beaufort Bar is Instagram worthy location in it's own right. The Music, Magic and Drama menu embodies all of these elements in elegant, minimal and classic serves.  The Music section of the menu celebrates the memorable musical performances at The Savoy, and the Never Ending Tour is an ode to Bob Dylan's first ever music video, which was filmed in the surroundings of the hotel. The drink comprises of Barcardi 4 year old rum, fig chardonnay, banana liqueur, verjus, limesugar and a large ice cube subtly submerges into the drink, making it a miniature work of art. 

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Rose On The Road - Fentimans Land Rover in London - 13th and 14th July

This Summer, British botanical drinks brand, Fentimans, will be taking its ‘instagram-worthy’ Land Rover across the length and breadth of the country and stopping off at some of the U.K.’s top summer events along the way. On the 13th and 14th of July, Londoner's will be able to catch a glimpse of the flower-bombed Land Rover, blushed with the Rose Lemonade's signature hue and covered with luscious and vivid pink roses, as it will heading to the streets of Wimbledon to coincide with the annual tennis festivities. Passers by can grab a refreshing can of Rose Lemonade, as well as a chance to pose for photographs with the flower-festooned car. Anyone who spots, snaps and shares their photos on Instagram will be entered into a prize-draw to win a weekend stay in Ibiza (details on the website). 

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Shimmer at Coupette 

Memory plays an important role in our association with food and drink, and has been instrumental in the creation of the new 'Summer' menu at Coupette (set to launch 22nd July). The cocktail 'Shimmer' encapsulates thrilling feeling of diving through the sparkling surface of the crystal clear ocean whilst on holiday, A delicate coppery cup holds the crisp, clear Shimmer cocktail revealing azure ceramic beneath and comprises 30&40 Eau de Vie, Green Apple & Sage, Sage Soda and a herbal mist of Genepi. The cocktail rest on a beautiful aquamarine coaster and immortalises the transient holiday moment. 

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**Statistics are taken from the Fentimans Market Report 2019. Please do let me know if you need any further information or imagery sending over for a piece. 


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