16th February 2021

The Return of the Classic crêpes


Classic crêpes voted the king of pancakes on Pancake Day


Over half a million readers voted in the poll, which saw chocolate-stuffed American pancakes voted the second favourite pancakes for Pancake Day reveals Classic Crêpes as the best pancake of all time in a new poll which saw over 565,000 votes cast as foodies picked their favourite pancakes to eat on Pancake Day.

With 16 recipes to choose from in 8 categories including Savoury, Free-from, Wildcard, Boozy, Fruity, Chocolates, Classy and Trends, competition was fierce – but in the end more people are turning to tradition this year and going back to the original pancake recipe. Over 65% voted for the Classic crêpes in the final, beating second place chocolate-stuffed American pancakes (35%).

Crispy Duck pancakes proved a fan favourite as the only savoury pancake to make it in the top 8 list. Other Pancake Day picks include Puffins (pancake day muffins), crêpe cakes and favourite toppings such as Blueberry cheesecake and Espresso martini.

Lulu Grimes, Group Managing Editor, BBC Good Food says “Is there any other day of the year when you are actively encouraged to throw your food around? A classic pancake, the thin ones not the American breakfast kind are what pancake day is all about if you are going to try your hand at flipping them. The batter is very simple, make a big batch because pancake making is addictive, then all you need is a non-stick pan and a bit of practise. There’s a video here

Once you’ve made a stack you can choose what to serve them with, lemon and sugar are classic but really the world is your pancake. Roll them around ice cream, fill them with fruit and chocolate sauce, or try a savoury option like our pancake cannelloni stuffed with meatballs.”

The nation’s top 8 favourite pancakes for Pancake Day include:

  1. Classic crêpes
  2. Stuffed chocolate American pancakes
  3. Blueberry cheesecake pancakes
  4. Espresso martini pancakes
  5. Almond flour crêpes
  6. Crispy duck pancakes
  7. Crepe cake
  8. Pancake muffins


In 2020, delivered 1.4 billion page-views, up 69% year-on-year and over 50 million people turn to BBC Good Food every month for advice, inspiration, and tips.  Last year, Pancake Day was the busiest day on the site with over 2.9 million users visiting the site looking for a helping hand on how towards the ultimate pancake feast. 

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 Over 560,000 readers voted for the Pancake Day poll on the BBC Good Food Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook polls.


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