15th September 2022

UK’s largest alterations business urges consumers to ‘think again’ before discarding clothing to landfill


In conjunction with WRAP’s Recycle Week 2022 (19th – 25th September) and the #buylesswearmore movement, the UK’s largest alterations business The Zip Yard, is asking people to ‘think again’ before they bin their clothing, considering three simple questions:

  • Can it be fixed?
  • Can it be restyled?
  • Can I rehome or repurpose?

UK Franchise owner Neluka Dunning has shared her top tips for extending the life of your clothing – helping to minimise the 300,000 tonnes of used clothing that ends up going to landfill in the UK every year.

Crotch repairs

“Spare yourself the blushes and find comfort in the fact that rips to the crotch area are consistently one of the most common repairs we see at The Zip Yard,” says Neluka.

“The best part? A simple crotch repair will not only add to your favourite denims’ vintage look, but it will also give them an extra two plus years life. Denim is notoriously difficult to recycle, so make sure you repair rather than thrown away.”

Planet ZipYard - doing our bit:

Across all stores, 100% of The Zip Yard material waste is either reused or recycled. When it comes to denim, leather and suede, repairs are made using offcuts from previous items, helping to create a cycle of sustainability.

Button replacements

“Many a great cardigan or coat has been discarded to landfill simply because the buttons make it feel cheap, have fallen off, or simply come loose. At The Zip Yard we are experts at resewing buttons back on or altering them to make items look bespoke. A simple restyle is often all it takes to help you fall back in love with it.”

 Darn it, don’t discard it - cashmere repairs

Neluka says: “Cashmere comes at a cost, but that cost is even bigger if you chuck it out as soon as a small hole appears. Our cashmere darning repairs are an absolute miracle – leaving your favourite super soft item looking like new, saving your pocket and the planet 

Planet ZipYard – doing our bit

We source all our head office stock from UK suppliers, helping to reduce our impact on the climate.

Leather for a lifetime

“We don’t need to tell you that real leather is a material that feels and looks better with age, but a well-worn piece is likely to get ripped or torn at some point.

“Every day we repair much-loved leather so they can continue to be a wardrobe staple. We can either patch over tears, or match both sides of a jacket so the repairs look like an age-old part of the garment“.


“Restyles are almost as common as repairs at The Zip Yard, and yet so many of us fail to consider how we might transform our items,” says Neluka.

“Some of the most effective restyles include joggers or jeans being turned into shorts, and shirts with damaged cuffs which are otherwise in great condition being changed into short sleeved shirts. Jumpers can become tank tops, and skirts and dresses can easily be shortened to create a silhouette.”

Rehome or repurpose

“If you truly can’t find a place for your clothes in your wardrobe, then get creative about how you might find them a new home or purpose. Charity shops, Depop, eBay and clothes swaps with friends are all great for clothes that are still in good condition.

"If they are beyond repair, try cutting them up to use as cleaning cloths, turning bigger items into cushion covers or using offcuts to create a special quilt.”

Neluka added: “If we each extended the life of every item of clothing for just three months, it would reduce the UK’s environment carbon footprint by between five to ten per cent – that’s a whopping £3 billion per year, while two-thirds of the UK’s population have bought pre-owned clothes which shows a willingness to wear second-hand garments.”

To find out more about The Zip Yard’s services and its commitment to helping reduce waste, visit:


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