15th March 2022

pr of the day 15.03.2022

I’m reaching out to introduce waterdrop®, the global hydration specialist, whose mission is to encourage people to drink more water and reduce plastic waste with it range of the world’s first microdrinks and microteas – tiny cubes made from natural fruit and plant extracts, enriched with vitamins and without sugar/preservatives. Depending on your mood, flavours are created for a range of benefits from energy boosting, relaxation, and cleansing, to focusing, supporting immunity, or simply boosting - there's over 10 ranges.

waterdrop® significantly reduces plastic use and CO2 emissions. By choosing microdrinks, you save up to 98% in plastic and CO2 compared to traditional bottled drinks, achieved through the individual recyclable packaging of each cube - the plastic contained in a single cap of a traditional bottle is equivalent to 10 microdrinks.

They are available to purchase on the Waterdrop website for £6.99-£8.90.

This May, waterdrop® is launching LUCY® (£119)- a high-tech, sustainable and stylish bottle cap, which cleverly filters and purifies water and tracks hydration. The innovative UV-C purification function deactivates up to 99% of potential germs and bacteria in drinking water, whilst keeping the bottle clean and odour-free. Featuring a special sensor, the LUCY® Smart Cap also offers personalised drink reminders with short flashes and records water consumption that automatically stores it for you in the waterdrop® Hydration App. By comparing your fluid intake with your daily hydration goals, you can easily monitor your progress and develop better drinking habits. 

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