13th April 2022

I hope you’re well! I thought the findings from this new Black haircare report might be of interest! 

LOOKFANTASTIC Reveal Biggest Black Haircare Trends, Brands & Products of 2022 in new Black Hair Icon Report


Hair matters. It’s a part of our identity, our sense of self and a way to express ourselves. From the latest trends to the best-selling products, we are constantly looking for ways to treat our tresses and celebrate it. 

But when we look at the shelves of our supermarkets and flick through the pages of magazines, the disparity between products and representation of white and Black haircare is frustratingly visible resulting with only 1% of Black British women buying haircare products at supermarkets and spending six times more than their white counterparts on haircare. 

To celebrate Black hair and let you in on all the latest goss, LOOKFANTASTIC have taken a deep dive into the world of Black haircare in their latest Black Hair Icons Report. They’ve analysed Google, social media and internal data to unveil the biggest Black hair trends, styles, products and brands of 2022 to help you celebrate that beautiful crown on your head and treat it right.  

Revealed: The Most Popular Black Hairstyles of 2022

The beauty of Black hair lies in its versatility and ability to be styled in a multitude of ways. From fulani braids to cornrows and flat twists, the history and cultural identity behind Black hair styles is beautiful and empowering. 

But what are the most popular Black hairstyles right now? LOOKFANTASTIC have analysed the one-stop shop for hair inspo, Pinterest to identify the most pinned Black hair styles and combined this with Google search data to reveal the most popular Black hair styles right now. 

Looking for some hair inspo? Let’s get into it. 

  1. Cornrows

Seen on A-listers like Zendaya, Zoë Kravitz and Keke Palmer, cornrows are the most popular hair trend of 2022, with the look gaining an impressive 5,732 pins on Pinterest and an average 27,100 monthly Google searches. From classic straight-back and elegant updos to zig-zag and ponytails, there are countless ways to wear the versatile look - hence its popularity. 

  1. Fulani Braids

There are hundreds of braid styles, but the most popular braids of 2022 are Fulani braids. Originating from the Fulani people of Africa, the style incorporates a mixture of cornrow and box braids, making them a unique and creative protective style. From Beyoncé to Rihanna, celebs have celebrated the cultural history of Fulani braids on the red carpet and if you haven’t tried this versatile braid, you definitely should. The look has raked in 3,607 pins on Pinterest alongside 8,100 monthly searches on Google. 

  1. Flat Twists 

With 4,987 pins on Pinterest alongside raking in 880 average monthly searches, flat twists are the third most popular Black hair style of 2022. A combination of two-strand twists and cornrows, flat twists are popular for minimising manipulation of the hair and being an ideal protective style for both natural and relaxed textures. 

Also ranking in the top 10 natural hair styles are Beyonce’s infamous lemonade braids, faux locs, Ghana braids, headwraps and braid-out styles. 

The Top 10 Most Popular Black Hairstyles of 2022



Pinterest Pins

Average Monthly Search Volume






Fulani Braids




Flat Twists




Faux Locs




Lemonade Braids












Feed-In Braids




Ghana Braids




Braid-Out Style



Revealed: The Most Popular Black Haircare Brands of 2022🏆

The current beauty market is dominated by big brands which are mostly targeting a white audience and this can make finding the right products and brands suited to textured hair a never-ending journey of trial and error.  

To help you discover and celebrate the best brands to invest in for Black haircare, LOOKFANTASTIC have analysed Google search and Instagram data to identify the most popular Black haircare brands of 2022 in their latest report.. 

These are the brands that people are searching for the most as well as having the biggest Instagram following and engagement. 

  1. Shea Moisture 

The original Shea Moisture product, Shea Butter, was sold back in 1912 by co-founder, Richelieu Dennis’, Grandmother in Sierra Leone. Today, the brand offers an extensive range of affordable products that cater to all curl patterns and textures and after attracting a huge TikTok audience during lockdown, it is now the most popular Black haircare brand of 2022. It rakes in an incredible 27,100 monthly searches on Google alongside having 854,732 followers on Instagram. 

  1. Aveda 

Coming in at number two is Aveda. The brand’s focus on haircare with an environmental responsibility, has helped it rise to fame and rake in a staggering 27,100 monthly searches on Google alongside a whopping following of 453,755 on Instagram. Although not entirely focused on Black hair, its use of ingredients such as argan, jojoba and jasmine oil provide optimum nourishment for naturally textured hair and is a brand to have on your haircare radar. 

  1. Cantu 

Cantu, the award winning brand for textured hair, comes in as the third most popular Black haircare brand. Its practical approach to haircare where the site provides a breakdown of the products to use for each hair type makes looking after your mane simple and efficient. Whilst a huge 12,100 people search for the brand each month, the brand climbs the rankings due to its love on Instagram which hosts a staggering 408,485 followers

  1. Moroccanoil 

Founded by Carmen Tal in 2008 after discovering the magic of argan oil on her travels following a fateful hair appointment, the revolutionary Morroccanoil remains one of the most popular Black haircare brands in 2022, attracting 5,400 monthly searches alongside a whopping 597,637 followers. Although the brand is not solely targeted to natural hair, its use of that hero ingredient, argan oil, and its signature scent has pioneered an immense love for the brand from Black hair. 

  1. Camille Rose 

Completing the top 5 most popular Black haircare brands is Camille Rose, the brand which rakes in 3,600 monthly searches alongside having 490,101 Instagram followers, but stays true to its humble beginnings. Janell Stephens founded the brand and its beliefs when brewing natural concoctions in her kitchen for her children’s skin and hair and these are now the benchmark beliefs of the clean beauty brand. 

The Most Searched for Black Haircare Products of 2022🧴

So we know what brands people have been loving in 2022, but what about the hero products that people return to time after time again for Afro and Type 4 hair which requires deep hydration? 

By analysing Google search data, LOOKFANTASTIC have unveiled the most searched for Black haircare products of 2022 and consulted an expert about what type 4 hair they are best for. 

Aswell as being one of the most popular brands of 2022, Moroccanoil has two products ranking in the top 10 most searched for Black haircare products. With 2,400 monthly searches, coming in at number one is the Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream. It has surprisingly outranked its cult classic ancestor Moroccanoil Treatment Original which comes in at number 3 this year, with 480 monthly searches. People are raving about the cream’s advanced technology that provides curl memory factors to create well-defined natural and bouncy curls that last. This is best suited for Type 4A hair. 

Satin Bonnets come in at number 2 in the rankings. Thanks to TikTok, people have discovered the protective benefits of wearing them for Afro hair and they are a haircare must-have for anyone with type 4 or styled hair. 

Shea Moisture, Curl Smith, Camille Rose and Boucléme’s star products also make the rankings. All infused with natural ingredients with simple practicalities and application, these are the go-to products of the year for Black haircare. 

The Top 10 Most Searched for Black Haircare Products of 2022 



Average Monthly Search Volume

Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream



Satin Bonnet



Moroccanoil Treatment Original



Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie



Curlsmith Curl Defining Styling Soufflé



Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk



Devacurl Light Defining Gel



Boucléme Curl Defining Gel



Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer Intensive Treatment 



Kératese Discipline Maskeratine


LOOKFANTASTIC are constantly expanding their brands and product ranges to ensure we cater to all hair types and concerns. You can shop the Black haircare collection here.

You can read the full Black Hair Icon Report here, including expert guidance about how to find your curl type, talks with brand owners, the biggest Black hair icons and much more. 

Images for your use can be found here. 

I hope this is of interest! Do let me know if you’d like any further details!

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