13th January 2022

Vestiaire Collective’s new UK authentication centre Brexit-proofs British fashion


Vestiaire Collective, the leading global resale platform for desirable second-hand fashion, today launches a UK authentication and logistics centre. This will deliver against increasing consumer demand for second-hand, but which has been stifled by Brexit:


  • One-third of UK fashion buyers* planned to buy or bought second hand over the festive period
  • Nearly one in three started selling or selling more in the last year
  • Nearly one quarter find expertise in physical authentication the most reliable way to ensure trust in the purchase of second-hand fashion items
  • Nearly one third found online shopping more expensive since Brexit and experienced longer lead times


This new data proves curtains are closing on fast fashion: not only did one-third buy or look to buy second-hand goods during 2021’s festive season, but nearly one third are either selling more or have started selling in the last year. More and more Brits are buying circular, as environmental (29%), financial (27%) and uniqueness (17%) become increasingly front of mind. The data goes so far as to show that nearly one in six of us now have wardrobes that contain at least 50% second-hand fashion.


Brexit has led to higher purchase fees, longer lead times and some categories not even being able to be shipped across borders. It was also revealed by UKFT’s Brexit Survey that 74% of fashion businesses have experienced setbacks due to Brexit-based cost hikes. This has worsened since 1st January 2022, when full customs declarations and controls were introduced.


This drove Vestiaire Collective to bring its unique expertise to the UK, becoming more circular, sustainable and putting customers first. Authentication expertise has always been at the heart of its trusted experience, and the warehouse will ensure the best customer service by reducing lead times and delivery fees. This makes Vestiaire Collective the only large-scale player in the fashion market to offer a trusted, sustainable and Brexit-proof experience. Through the creation of 50 specialist jobs, the brand can ensure that up to 1,000 items per day will be diverted from requiring authentication in France, reducing their carbon footprint by as much as 10 times.


Maximilian Bittner, CEO of Vestiaire Collective says: “Vestiaire Collective has already established that style shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment. But Brexit has hindered the UK’s drive for a sustainable future. British consumers have been unfairly penalised at a time when counterfeits are increasing and so the need for world-leading experts is more crucial than ever. Our new hub will make circular fashion more accessible, trusted and sustainable than ever before, so it can truly compete with and stem the tide of fast fashion’s impact on the planet.”


Vestiaire Collective’s UK authentication centre opens officially from today, following a soft launch last November. This is the fourth such centre globally for Vestiaire, joining centres in France, the US and Hong Kong in delivering localised authentication, speedier logistics and enhanced customer service. While customer experience is paramount, it also helps reduce the carbon footprint of garments for those that require physical authentication, helping to make these purchases as sustainable as possible.



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