12th January 2023

People Increasingly Turning to TikTok To Inspire 2023 Interior Upgrades


·       TikTok inspires jobs around the home with fridge and cupboard organisation and furniture “flipping” becoming popular home projects

  • Videos tagged as “furnitureflip” have been viewed over 5.2B times in the last 6 months alone on TikTok
  • Global platform Taskrabbit uses booking data to predict the home trends Brits will be adding to their to-do lists for 2023 


Home and interiors content on TikTok continues to lead the trends we’re adopting in the home as Taskrabbit reveals that furniture “flipping”, impressive fridge organisation and statement ceilings are the trends set to top the to-do lists for Brits in 2023. 


Tiktok Trends

With over a third (34%) of people surveyed saying that they turn to TikTok for home and interior inspiration now, it’s no surprise that trends seen on the platform are influencing projects in the home. 


In particular, impressive and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions are predicted to be big in 2023, after becoming commonplace on social media. Taskrabbit has already seen a 67% year on year increase in searches for help when it comes to “restocking” and a 40% increase in jobs related to “organisation”.


Furniture “flipping” is another trend that is going to continue to make its way into people’s homes. Born on social media, this sees people upgrade furniture or give it a whole new lease of life and is a project that 44% have already got on their to-do list for next year. 



It’s not just social media that is giving Brits food for thought for their next project, the Cost of Living crisis is no doubt going to impact the to-do list in the home for 2023. The ‘Make Do and Mend’ mindset is predicted to return with Taskrabbit having already seen a 35% uplift in people booking help to fixing, mend or upcycle existing furniture in the home. 


One particularly easy and cost effective way to upgrade important rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, without having to invest in a full renovation, is tile paint and stickers. Taskrabbit has already seen a 95% increase in searches for wrapping and painting kitchen cabinets and a third (33%) of those surveyed already have this on their 2023 to-do list.


Similarly, in a bid to save money and improve energy efficiency, it’s predicted that people will continue looking to smart home technology and savvy home hacks. Searches for “smart home installation” have increased by 129% year on year already. Other jobs to help improve energy efficiency including hanging curtains for better insulation, weatherproofing windows are just some of the jobs that are already on the rise. 


Elsewhere, people are looking up for inspiration. Statement ceilings are set to be big when it comes to creative home upgrades, with wallpaper and paint jobs already seeing an increase of 300% over the last year. 


Commenting on the trends, Begüm Zarmann, Managing Director at Taskrabbit Europe says: “Throughout the past year, Taskers have worked hard to help our customers make their house a home no matter what was on their to-do list. Having 3.9 million global bookings to analyse gives us a really interesting perspective on the tasks that people are booking more and the trends people are adopting.


In more recent times, the cost of living crisis has forced many of us to reconsider our interior choices and look for ways to make our homes more energy efficient and cost effective. In the year ahead, we look forward to lending a helping hand with everything from upcycling old furniture to insulating houses with wall panelling in a bid to reduce household costs.”

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