11th September 2019

Introducing Dr Sophie’s Shape & Sculpt

Introducing Dr Sophie’s Shape & Sculpt

What makes an attractive face? It is universally known that a sharp, strong jawline signals ‘a strong
man’ and a study from 2013 revealed a link between a wide jaw and high levels of testosterone in
men. There are also countless other studies that report that people want leaders with strong facial
features as they are perceived as more competent. Therefore it is no surprise that more and more
men are visiting clinics to ask for treatments that will ‘sharpen’ their jawline.
For many women, achieving or hanging onto the ‘triangle of youth’ is key to feeling
attractive. When we age, we get heavier in the jawline and so firming up that area and adding
definition can be transformative. But how can this be achieved in a natural and non-surgical way for
both men and women?

Enter JuvedermÒ Volux. The newest filler to join the JuvedermÒ range of fillers by Allergan.
Designed to create volume in the chin and jaw area, to re-shape and add definition, this filler is very
effective and lasts for up to 2 years. Dr Sophie has been using Volux since Allergan launched it to
their KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) board and is seeing incredible results. However, she wanted to
create a treatment for her patients that would not just re-shape the area, but sculpt it too, so she
designed the new Dr Sophie’s Shape & Sculpt.

Dr Sophie says: “Submental fullness (commonly known as the double chin), is a common issue for
many men and women and often diet alone won’t shift it and in some cases, even very thin people
can have a little pocket of stubborn fat under their chin that bothers them. When examining a
jawline that has a significant amount of submental fat, it is best to destroy the fat before the
sculpting of the jaw begins, this will then give the patient a beautiful, lasting result.”

Dr Sophie’s Shape & Sculpt
Step 1 – Consultation - 30 minutes
A thorough consultation is required in order to examine the area and create a programme to suit
the individual. The individual must also be given a 24 hour period to consider the programme before
embarking on any treatment.

Step 2 - Shaping – 45 minutes – 1.5 hours
Incorporating a cycle of the non-invasive, FDA approved CoolSculptingÒ technology using the new
CoolMini handpiece, the fat under the chin is cooled and destroyed in one hour. There is no
downtime, but redness in the area tends to be present for up to 48 hours.

Step 3 – Sculpting - 30 mins
Volux filler is administered to sculpt the chin and/or jawline. The amount injected wholly depends on
the individual and their anatomy. There is no downtime, but there could be some slight bruising,
swelling and redness that can be camouflaged if the patient is going back to work or out.


Shape & Sculpt - Treatment results

The result of the filler treatment will take effect immediately, with optimal results after 1 month and
best results of the fat cooling treatment will show after three months. Commonly 25% of fat cells are
destroyed in the area, therefore the shaping element of the treatment is permanent. Patients may
require top up filler treatment at 12 months, but it commonly lasts up to 24 months.

The cost starts from £1450 for one cycle of shaping with the Coolmini device and 1ml of Volux to

Available at Illuminate Skin Clinic, Kent and The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, London & Buckinghamshire,
October 2019.

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