10th April 2019

Dr Nestor Demosthenous (Scotland’s Best Cosmetic Doctor 2018, and a practitioner at Harley Street’s PHI Clinic) is an advocate of using aesthetic medicine and injectables as ‘micro-optimisations’ to quietly enhance the face and features, to restore lost features or make subtle changes that ensure that you still look like you.


Dr Nestor has given us his professional insight into the micro-optimisations that are becoming steadily more popular with patients, and how attitudes have changed in the industry.


Even a couple of years ago, patients were coming into the clinic with magazine covers of supermodels, or Instagram photos of celebrities that they wanted to resemble, despite having no likeness to them,” Dr Nestor says. “But in recent months, the trends have shifted far more towards using aesthetics in a smaller and smarter way. Patients want to look like themselves, but a filtered version – so small tweakments and what I like to call ‘micro-optimisations’ are on the rise, helping to adjust the face and features in small ways that make a big difference.”


So, what are the most popular ‘micro-optimisations’ that patients are looking for in 2019? Dr Nestor shares his insight with us…



“Two years ago, the trend for overinflated lips was everywhere – everybody wanted them. But thankfully, the trend today is something much more minimal and natural, and I hope this trend sticks around. Patients want their lips to look naturally plump, hydrated and crisp, rather than oversized and puffy. I personally believe in using filler to make lips better, not necessarily bigger, to create the correct proportions and balance out the face. Lips don’t necessarily need to be large to look luscious; soft, pillowy lips that are smaller and more natural-looking are rapidly rising in demand.”



“Again, patients are far more savvy to the uses of injectables, and they understand how doctors can use them to quietly enhance the features to create a natural look that’s perfected and balanced. Celebrities and influencers have long been using dermal fillers to alter various areas of the face, including chins, noses and jawlines, without anyone being able to ascertain what they’ve had done. And now this has extended to the public, this kind of treatment is more accessible and understood far better than before. The most popular requests I’m experiencing currently include using filler to straighten or enhance the jawline, or creating a better profile by placing a small amount of filler in the chin. I often see patients who come in knowing that there’s something ‘off’ with their features, and think that the answer is bigger lips or cheek fillers, but the right answer is often realigning or enhancing other areas of the face to create proportion and balance in the features.”



“The ‘liquid nose job’ has been doing the rounds on social media, but it’s so much more than a flash-in-the-pan trend, it actually makes a huge difference. I have undergone this treatment personally, so I can vouch for its efficacy. A bump or hook in the nose, an upturned tip or an off-centre bridge can really bother patients and leave them feeling that their faces look off balance, or cause them to feel self-conscious. Non-invasive rhinoplasty can be the smallest of tweakments, using a tiny amount of filler to completely transform the area and restore equilibrium to the face.”


Dr Nestor is based at Dr Nestor’s Medical & Cosmetic Centre in Edinburgh, and at PHI on Harley Street in London. Find out more at






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