10th May 2022

You ain’t green nothing yet – Vegerami is here!

A NEW mighty meat-free snack that packs a punch in flavour


PR of the day 10.05.2022

Vegetarians and flexitarians across the nation can rejoice, as the NEW three-pack of Vegerami sticks are finally here!

Initially launching into Tesco on the 9th May before rolling out to other supermarkets, the Vegerami sticks have been a long-awaited release from hungry fans across the UK. 

The iconic brand, with over 40 years of history, has developed a flavoursome vegetarian snack to ensure more people don’t miss out on the great taste of Peperami.

With many Brits growing up with Peperami in their childhood, this big step will give those munching on meat-free Monday, at lunchtime or during the afternoon, a chance to enjoy another juicy snack to satisfy their cravings.  

Building on the success of the brand's recently launched Vegerami Chick’nless Bites, the masterminds at Peperami have spent years creating a mouth-watering meat-free stick that delivers a similar taste and texture to the beloved OG sticks.

Perfect for snackers wanting to cut down on their meat intake, Vegerami offers a convenient option for when hunger strikes. And to tantalise tastebuds, each stick contains punchy peppery herbs and spices within each bite.

Made from a delicious blend of pea and wheat protein, the Vegerami sticks contain 64 calories per serving, providing a yummy, vegetarian-friendly option for snack lovers everywhere.

What’s more, the supreme sticks are high in plant protein, making them a fantastic on-the-go snack to conquer the mid-afternoon energy dip.

The Vegerami three-packs are ideal for those who want to stock up on products at home for those necessary munching moments throughout the week.

The new Vegerami sticks will be available in Tesco from May 9th 2022, with an RRP of £1.50. Vegerami can be found in the chilled plant-based section of the supermarket.


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