08th October 2020

NEWS: Hamilton and Hare Presents New Sleepwear Designs for AW20 and Tips for Pyjama Care


Wednesday 7th October 2020 
Hamilton and Hare is delighted to present its new sleepwear designs for Autumn Winter 2020, and tips from founder Olivia Francis on pyjama care.
Using premium and sustainable fabrics Hamilton and Hare’s pyjama Jersey collection introduces new colours in olive and navy for AW20. Made from lyocell, a cellulose nano fibre fabric that is made from Eucalyptus trees, these designs offers lightweight breathability and silk-soft feel, perfect for a good nights sleep,
1. Washing Routine - Pyjama washing routines may not be at the top of our minds because we are asleep and it’s not easy to compute how many hours wear they have had, but that’s not a reason to skip laundry days. In fact, pyjamas are the second most important items in our wardrobe to keep clean, after our underwear, because they are worn against our skin. The average person sheds 40,000 skin cells everyday, and if you wear a set of pyjamas for 3 nights, that is equivalent to wearing a t-shirt for 24 hours straight, which would certainly need a wash afterwards. 
2. Washing Temperature - For washing, we recommend a laundry cycle of no more than 3-4 nights before you need a clear pair with at least three sets in rotation. Washing at 30 degrees with a normal detergent is enough to kill the bacteria. 
3. Materials and Fabrication - Whilst we sleep our body temperature is usually higher than when we are awake. For this reason pyjamas should be lightweight, breathable and absorbent which is why we use fabrics such as lyocell and natural fibres as it has natural antibacterial properties.
The Pyjama Jersey Collection is available online and in store now 39 Chiltern Street, W1U 7PP
For further information and imagery do not hesitate to get in touch
Hamilton and Hare, Jersey pyjamas in olive green, Top £75, Shorts £75, Trousers £90
Hamilton and Hare, Jersey pyjamas in navy, Top £75, Trousers £90

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