04th June 2019

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We’ve delved into many different food careers over the past month through our #MadeAtLeiths campaign, but we missed a big one - the Ships’ Cook.

This exciting, adventurous option requires flexibility and resourcefulness, and it brings cameraderie and the chance to travel to incredible places like Antarctica, as this blog explains.

Whether you dream of working on a super yacht, or your aim is to cook for crew on a cargo ship, a career at sea can be very rewarding.

For most cooking jobs at sea, you need to be qualified.

The Ships’ Cook Certificate is a mandatory requirement for all chefs on UK-registered commercial vessels operating more than 60 miles offshore and with ten or more seafarers on board.

We’re pleased to announce that we’re now offering The Assessment in Marine Cookery – or the Ships’ Cook Assessment – at Leiths. This is a vital step in achieving the compulsory Ships’ Cook Certificate of Competency.

To find out more about eligibility, the application process and the course content, visit our website.

If you have any questions about the process, or just fancy a chat to see if this is for you, do give us a ring.

With very best wishes,

Camilla and the team at Leiths 

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