04th May 2021

I’m getting in touch as I work in the press office for British Piccolo tomatoes, and we have some amazing new recipes which I thought might work be of interest? I thought you might be interested in some of our gorgeous, new summery ones, especially now the government has announced we can eat in other people’s gardens.



Piccolo cherry tomatoes are a pocket-sized, perfectly-balanced, juicier and crunchier variety of tomato, grown from the highest quality seeds by talented and passionate growers consistently striving to offer the best quality in each bite. Piccolo cherry tomatoes are a premium choice, packed with healthy goodness, vitamins and minerals. Beautiful little rich red piccolos are a great for cooking, and make a delicious snack.


British Tomato Fortnight, which kicks off on 24th May, which could be nice to hook on to?  


The recipes are as follows:

  • Piccolo cherry tomato chilli jam
  • Griddled asparagus and piccolos with parmesan crumb
  • Piccolo Bruschetta
  • Piccolo tabbouleh
  • Smoked Salmon with piccolo tomato salsa
  • Warm roasted butternut, piccolo and chickpea salad



I’ve included some image highlights below. If you’d like to include any of these in an upcoming issue, I can send over high res images too. Please do let me know if this is something you’d be interested in?


pr of the day 04.05.2021 1

pr of the day 04.0.2021 2

pr of the day 04.04.2021 3

pr of the day 04.05.2021 4

Credit: British Piccolos






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