4th January 2023

Ones To Watch: Body Tweakments Set To Trend In 2023 

Body tweakments are having a moment right now; popular with celebs such as Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian & many, many more! We've compiled a list of some of the ones to watch in 2023... 


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We're all pretty familiar with facial aesthetic tweakments by now - Botox, skin peels, facials and dermal fillers are an integral part of many beauty lovers' skincare regimes. But non-surgical body treatments (taking advantage of industry-first technology & the very latest in aesthetic innovation) are having a real moment right now - one which we anticipate will continue to blossom into 2023.Body treatments cover a whole host of areas - from improving women's wellness & treating incontinence, to skin tightening & muscle repair post childbirth... and from making the backs of your hands look younger, to burning off stubborn areas of fat.The one thing these tweakments have in common is their ability to unlock a little extra self-confidence boost in time for the New Year - all non-surgically and with little/no downtime.We're all about body confidence and self-love at Cosmetic PR - with one of the main reasons we're so passionate about medical aesthetics being the way it helps so many people across the globe truly feel like the best version of themselves, and overcome their concerns / hangups. We like to think of these treatments as a nudge in the right direction when it comes to kickstarting new fitness, skincare and life habit goals in the New Year, so we can feel our confident, sparkly best selves in 2023!

Another reason we love these treatments is the way they can help open up a dialogue and banish stigma surrounding certain conditions - such as women's intimate health issues, incontinence, pelvic floor health post-childbirth and symptoms of the menopause. It's 2022 (almost 2023!) - it's time to stop suffering in silence and normalise talking about these incredibly common issues.

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